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How much for an all inclusive 3 night trip including airfare to the beautiful Bahamas, Paradise Island?


Dream Vacation

How long will you keep working with no break? When was the last time you took some time for yourself? Isn't it about time for a vacation?

Think about it...

The relaxed “let go” feeling of that last hour of work.

The excitement and anticipation as you load your luggage the next morning. The adventure of the road trip or the thrill of the plane ride.

That nostalgic eager high you get as you step into your fresh exotic hotel; with the smell of the clean lobby, running fountains, and indoor pools.

(deep breath...Aaahhhhh......and now your there.)

Sunshine, cool ocean breezes, and your favorite drink in hand.

Uummmmm....sand, sun, the smell of suntan lotion.

Curious sights, exotic people, wild adventures and places to explore.

The food, the food, the food, the food.

Ohhh yahhhh....

And then the night life. Excitement, lights, fires, dancing. The moonlit romance with that special someone. Or maybe the thrill of meeting new friends. Who knows what adventures the night will bring.

And then in the morning you can do it all again.

Yes, you need some time off. You need the reward of a fabulous well deserved vacation. Plan today and set off tomorrow.