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Music Trivia

What rapper ruled the charts with her Black Reign album, dedicated to the memory of her brother?

What pop music star saw his $11 million stage musical. The Capeman, become one of the biggest flops in Broadway history?

What designer saw sales skyrocket after Snoop Dogg wore one of his oversized jerseys on Saturday Night Live?

What hit band got its start when three alternative rock producers spied singer Shirley Manson on MTV and asked her to play with them?

What aging rock star, citing "incomplete paperwork,." had his Hindu wedding annulled after nine years and four kids?

What Canadian singer did writer Cintra Wilson call "one of the most freakishly mutated creatures the Streisand Machine has ever coughed out"?

What magazine did Vive spin off in 1998 to fan the flames of Hip-hop?

What veteran crooner won an Album of the Year Grammy for his MTV unplugged?

What musical did author Jonathan Larson spend seven years working on, only to die ours before its pre-Broadway opening?

What Canadian country star and her South African producer-husband bought a quaint 100-room chateau in Switzerland?

Music Trivia

What rock group's 1982 decision never to play again inspired the name of its "Hell Freezes Over" reunion tour?

What rapper earned notoriety for getting killed right after recording the song You're Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You)?

What band cracked Britain's Top 40 with a 14-minute recording of two if its members arguing, called Wibbling Rivalry?

What singer chose chicken from the NBC cafeteria over his own brand of fast food in Conan O'Brien's blind TV taste-test?

What future pop star knocked Aaliyah out of the Star Search running, at age 11?

What rapper was fined $10,000 for torching the mansion of her NFL-star boyfriend Andre Rison?

What rap duo was formed by Chris "Daddy Mack" Smith and Chris "Mack Daddy" Kelly?

On which label does Mariah Carey record?

What physician released a CD of original flute music titled A Very Still Life?

What 66-year old warbler was laid to rest with his beloved ukulele and six mauve silk tulips?

Music Trivia

What holy rock' n' roller performed Cyndi Lauper's nuptials to actor David Thornton?

What rapper's violent death was foreshadowed by his final video, I Ain't Mad At Cha?

Danny, Joe, Sonnie, Jon and Jordan were better known as which group?

What British rocker did Princess Diana console at Gianni Versace's funeral?

What convenience store chain began playing elevator music outside its stores to9 discourage teenagers from loitering?

What one-named musician took the stage at Woodstock '99 wearing nothing but his bass?

What teen trio thrilled the pop world with the lyric: "MMMBop, ba duba dop ba do bop, Ba duba dop ba do bop, Ba duba dop ba do, oh yeah"?

What soul daddy did Rolonda Watts let down gently when he proposed on her show?

Who were Ready Or Not from 1996?

Whose album The Chronic "slowed down the '90s like The Matrix," according to Chuck D?

Music Trivia

What romantic city was Michael Jackson visiting when his daughter was conceived?

What album sold over 10 million copies, despite picturing a naked Spencer Elden on the cover?

What Public Enemy album did Chuck D sum up as an angry "funk version of Sgt. Pepper"?

What Rolling Stone hit song did Microsoft use to jump-start the Windows 95 roll-out?

Which liquid product featured the hit Like A Prayer in its advertisement?

What singer, criticized for violating the UN's South Africa boycott, was the first international star to give a concert there once the boycott was lifted?

What former member of The Who titled a "best-of" solo CD Cool walking smooth talking straight smoking fire stoking?

What singer was banned from the Garden State Arts Center for refusing to perform if The Star-Spangled Banner was played beforehand?

What jazzy popster is the momma of baby boy Seven Sirious, sired by OutKast's Andre Benjamin?

What rapper from the Wu-Tang Clan tried to change his name to the more accessible "Big Baby Jesus"?

 Music Trivia

What temperamental soprano was sacked by the Met for "unprofessional actions duirg rehearsals"?

What pop crooner's foray into heavy metal led to the cancellation of his Gospel America TV show?

What hat act released the first country album to top Billboard's top chart?

What hip-hop diva sports the nickname "Misdemeanor"?

What band's thick as a Brick album earned them a place in the Brick Manufacturer's Hall of Fame?

What song by the Knack was used in Reality Bites before Quentin Tarantino could get it for Pulp Fiction?

What pop star had 81 gold records to polish by 997?

What Key West crooner titled his memoir A Pirate Looks at Fifty?

What Nancy Sinatra song did the FBI play at high volume in an effort to flush David Koresh out of his Waco stronghold?

What punk legend announced his band's Filthy Lucre reunion tour, noting: "We're fat, 40, and back.

Music Trivia

What was the first single to be No.1 for 14 weeks?

What alternative rockers helped launched the first Lollapalooza as their good-bye concert tour?

What "White Lady of Soul" died 14 days before her scheduled induction into the Rock and Roll hall of Fame?

What Caribbean nation tried to shoot down a private plane carrying Jimmy Buffett and Bono, mistaking them for drug traffickers?

What rock band resurrected Bob Dylan's Knockin on Heaven's Door for a 1991 album?

What was the first 90s No 1 for Color Me Badd?

What presidential sibling recorded the CD Nothing Good Comes Easy with his band, Politics?

What satanic rocker appeared in Familiy Circle magazine offering mosh pit safety tips?

Who featured with Paula Abdul on Opposites Attract?

What rap star suavely blamed his teammates for being cut after a tryout with the Totonto Raptors?

Music Trivia

What new name did Ani DiFranco give her Righteous Records label, after a Christian company with the same name threatened to sue?

What was Eminem sitting on when he came up with the name Slim Shady?

What singer was under the complete control of therapist Eugene Landy until California courts ordered all ties between them severed?

What trumpeter was the first jazz artist to win a Pulitzer, for an oratorio on savery called Blood on the Fields?

What city hosted the last Grateful Dad jam to include Jerry Garcia: Boston, Chicago or Seattle?

What anti-gay album did one Beastie Boy publicly apologize for, 13 years after its release?

What breakthrough Nirvana hit inadvertently hyped a real brand of deodorant?

What 1991 Seattle ditty did Rolling stone dub the "grunge national anthem"?

What shock rockers were so shocked by John Rocker that they asked the Braves to stop playing I Wanna Rock when he strode to the mound?

What singer recorded The IRS Tapes; Who'll Buy My Memories to help pay a $16.7 million tax bill?

Music Trivia

Who appeared semi-nude with Michael Jackson in the video You Are Not Alone?

What gutsy rocker chose a Clinton inaugural bash to come out of the closet?

What song was Tiny Tim playing when he suffered a fatal heart attack?

What was the first R.E.M. album to spend time at the top of the Billboard charts?

What songstress received the Order of Quebec on April 30, 1998 and the Order of Canada a day later?

What Rolling :Stone's former mother-in-law wed his son, seriously tangling his family tree?

Who had a 1993 Girlie Tour?

What band's fans are dubbed Disciples?

What member of Motley Crue was charged wit indecent exposure after baring his butt in Atlanta?

What self-proclaimed "architect of rock 'n' roll" helped cut the ribbon for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum?

Music Trivia

What singer's February 6 birthday is a national holiday in Jamaica?

Which Tour did Prince begin in 1990?
Who asked you to Please Come Home for Christmas in 1994?

What grunge band after deciding not to name itself after NBA player Mookie Blaylock , titled its first album after his number Ten?

What " Be Young. Have Fun" company stopped sponsoring Michael Jackson after child-abuse charges surfaced?

What was Karyn White's first No 1?
What Aussie rock star persona did Garth Brooks adopt, for a 1999 album?

What pop quartet was parodied by the band Bjorn Again, featuring Frida Longstokin, Agnetha Falstart, Benny Anderwear an Bjorn Volvo-us?

Who reached No 1 with Unbelievable?

What pop star used Pacific Data Images' novel "morphing " technique for a montage of faces in the video Black or White?

Music Trivia

What historical role earned Madonna her first Golden Glove Award for acting?

What soul singer said, "I feel good" after being released from jail in 1991?

What New Age composer's mug graced 12 million Kellogg's heart-healthy cereal boxes that also contained one f his heart-warming CDs?

What country trio dubbed their debut CD Thank Heavens for Dale Evans?

What king's side-burned image appeared on a legal $5 coin in the Marshall Islands, in 1993?

What rap group were allowed to be As Nasty As They Wanna Be at a Florida obscenity trial?

What songwriter, hardly a favorite of Murphy Brown's, turned out to be the only singer who could comfort her baby?

What aging rock 'n' roller got encouragement from his wife to father Melissa Etheridge's babies?

What instrumentalist sold a record seven million copies of a Christmas album, by 1997?

Who released an album in the 90s called Bilingual?

Music Trivia

What country star refused an American Music Award for Favorite Overall Artist, claiming Hootie & the Blowfish were more deserving?

What gangsta rapper had just attended a Mike Tyson bout before he was fatally shot?

What rap group's Greatest Hits DVD features classics like Banned in the USA, Shake a Lil'Somethin' and Me So Horny?

Whose memorial service marked the first time in 30 years all three surviving Beatles appeared together in public?

What rap star named his dog "White Boy" and his 14-year-old protégé "Lil Bow Wow"?

What Elton John chart-topper from the '70s hit number one 18 years later, when he and George Michael recorded it as a duet?

What slacker inspired a generation by singing, "I'm a loser, babe, so why doncha kill me"?

What singer was re-dubbed "Mother Bernadette Mary" when she became a priestess of the maverick Catholic Latin Tridentine Church?

What Florida singer became only the sixth author to top both the best-selling fiction and on-fiction chars?

What San Diego band originally signed to Atlantic Records with the name Mighty Joe Young?

Music Trivia

Who topped the charts alongside Nine Stories?

What city unveiled a mural of Jimi Hendrix on the building where he bought his first guitar?

What country crooner lost almost her entire band when their plane crashed after a concert, in 1991?

What pop star is saddled with the seldom-used surname Gudmundsdottir?

What rapper died before he could give the world more poignant songs like Fat Girl Hit the Hooker and Just Don't Bite It?

Which band consisting of Michael Jackson's nephews were launched in the 90s?

What pop group of Say My Name fame got its name from the book of Isaiah?

What band included Too Much Love Wll Kill You on Made in Heaven,its tribute to AIDS-victim Freddie Mercury?

Which TLC hit spent 20 weeks in the top ten?

In which state did Kurt Cobain die?

Music Trivia

What "forbidden dance," allegedly from Brazil, was actually a Bolivian folk tune popularized by a French pop group?

Who officially left the Rolling Stones after 30 years?

What singer failed to thank Percy Sledge while accepting a Grammy for When a Man Loves a Woman

Who became the first country singer to enter the US pop album chart at No. 1?

What Cuban-born singer had two eight -inch steel rods implanted to steady her spine, after a tractor-trailer rear-ended her tour bus?

What duo tried to re-launch their failed musical careers as "Rob & Fab"?

What singer spiced up the release of her solo CD Look at Me with a "five continents in seven days" promo tour?

What pop saxophonist played a continuous E-flat for a record 46 minutes in 1997?

What cello superstar left his $2.5 million 1733 Montagnana cello in a New York ?City taxi?

What title of a bootleg jam featuring Jerry Garcia, David Grisman and Tony rice was inspired by the delivery boy who stole the recording?

Music Trivia

What Des Moines metalheads, using stage names 0 through 8, are credited with popularizing the neo-shock-rock "nu-metal explosion"?

What album title was Marilyn Manson's spin on Jesus Christ Superstar?

How many times did Eminem flunk ninth grade, before opting not to pursue a career in academia?

Which label did Toni Braxton's Un0-'break My Heart appear on?

Who died just hours after Elton John dedicated Candle in the Wind to him at Farm Aid?

What legendary crooner was the subject of an FBI file that filled 1,275 pages?

What musical did Pink Floyd resurrect for a historic Potzdamer Platz convert for over 200,000 fans?

What rock veteran's name appears in the flames on Pearl Jam's CD Mirror-ball, when seen in a mirror?

What Swedish techno group sold a record 19 million of its debut album The Sign?

What type of Train did veteran "Rod Stewart chart with?

Music Trivia

What musical city was the site of Jonell Polansky's groundbreaking 24-bit 48-track digital audio recording session of Brian Eckert's songs?

What city dimmed its lights for 10 minutes when Dean Martin bit the dust?

What rockers built a studio and recorded The Downward Spiral in the house where Sharon Tate had been killed?

What comic sang in public for the first time at her Broadway debut as Rizzo in Grease?

What Long Island rappers were shelled with a $2.1 million lawsuit for sampling the Turtles' 1968 hit You Showed Me?

What artist's 1996 CD was banned by Wal-Mart for linking the chain to gun violence?

What songstress did over four in 10 executives think was a computer, in a Fortune 1000 poll?

Who became the youngest artist to win an Album of the Year Grammy, for Jagged Little Pill?

What rock group filed an antitrust action against Ticketmaster, trying to keep its ticket prices low?

What Manhattan venue celebrated its 100th birthday with a star-studded concert so formal that even the cameramen wore tuxedos?

Music Trivia

What long hair said he "really thought you had to die to get here" at his induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame?

What Paris music hall kicked up its heels for the last time after a 123-year-run?

What band did drummer David Grohl audition for at the Dutchman rehearsal room in Seattle?

What superstar timidly told Madonna that her show was "neat," in Truth or Dare?

What band entered the stage through a 30-foot toilet, on the 1998 Ozzfest tour?

Who wrote "slave" on his face to depict how his record label treated him?

What pharmaceutically inspired 1995 album was gobbled up by 16 million music buffs?

What unsigned artist's hit video for Stay (I Missed You) helped spark a craze for retro eyeglasses?

What rapper was hit with a $10 million defamation suit for saying his mom Debbie was a drug abuser?

What 25-year-old answered a 20-year-old Rolling Stones album with her Exile in Guyville debut?


 Music Trivia

What tenor's passions were summarized by his wife with: "For a plate of spaghetti, he'd leave home. For another woman? Never"?

What venerable punk band titled their swan song We're Outta Here?

What rock group did Natalie Merchant leave to go solo?

What heavy metal spoofers titled their second album Break Like the Wind?

What metal rap group claims the Carnival Spirit ordered them to release six albums warning of the impending apocalypse?

What one-hit wonder did Bible dub the "Pat Boone of rap"?

What designer of Michael Jackson's Thriller jacket was gunned down in front of his Miami mansion?

What late rap star did Puff Daddy and Faith Evans eulogize in I'll Be Missing You?

What Limp Bizket front man was criticized for crowd surfing at Woodstock '99 to the tune Break Stuff, while the crowd was busy braking tuff?

Who blew any hope of future Utah gigs by ripping up the Book of Mormon on a Salt Lake City stage?

Music Trivia

What group's best-selling souvenir from its Zoo TV rock tour was the Achtung Baby Condom?

What band won an MTV Video award for a Buddy Holly using footage from TV's Happy Days?

Who said Let's Get Rocked in a 1992 hit?

Which song gave Tommy Page a No 1 single?

What Briton record his Ten Summoner's Tales CD in the dining room of his Tudor estate?

What did tenor Richard Versalle do at a Metropolitan Opera performance, after delivering the line: " Too bad you can only live so long"?

What hip-hop heroes joined forces with metal-heads Anthrax for a new version of their hit Bring the Noise?

What Village People ditty has the Yankee Stadium grounds crew danced to while raking the infield, during every home game since 1996?

What heavy-metal band's Got The Life was the first video retired after 50 appearances on Total Request Live's top ten?

What singer is honored by San Francisco's Hello, Gorgeous!! museum, that sells wigs and fake noses to visitors who want to look just like her?

Music Trivia

What Isley Brothers song did a jury decide Michael Bolton's Love Is a Wonderful Thing was remarkably similar to?

What heavy-metal group put their Alive III album in the top ten, 18 years after Alive.

What 23-year-old singer was murdered by the president of her fan club?

Who refused to accept her Grammy for I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got, noting it "represents everything I despise about the music industry"?

What band based its song Jeremy on the classroom suicide o high-schooler Jeremy Wade Delle?

Who joined Jose Carreras and Luciano Pavarotti to tour, and record as The Three Tenors?

What country songstress wrote the Whitney Houston chart-topper I Will Always Love You?

What rebel rocker appears on crutches in Oliver Stone's The Doors after a near-fatal cycle accident?

Who learned English just two years before her Oscar-winning "Beauty and the Beast" duet?

What godfather of heavy metal subjected his wrinkled bulldog Baldrick to a facelift?

Music Trivia

What Pixies spin-off band was dubbed the "Bangles From Hell"?

Who had a No. 1 with Here Comes The Hot Stepper?

Duo Matthew and Gunnar shared which last name?

What band's roadies were once obliged to lug around a 100-foot golden arch and a 12-foot-wide stuffed olive on a 100-foot tall toothpick?

Whose Grammy Awards performance of the song Love Sick was crashed by a dancing wacko with "Soy Bomb" scrawled on his stomach?

What rock star released Come As You Are shortly after exchanging vows at a cliff side Hawaiian wedding dressed in his pajamas?

What 54-year old singer took everything off but her boots for a playboy cover?

What pop star's first and middle names are Katherine Dawn?

Wendy, Carnie and Chynna made No 1 as which act?

Who didn't appear in public for months, after the media claimed his music played a role in the Columbine shootings?

Music Trivia

What songstress became the first singer since Elvis Presley to score a 40th gold album?