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What ladies' man was the first person since Orson Welles to be up for four Oscars in a single year, in 1982? A:

Who was the highest paid actor of 2010? A:

What 1975 blockbuster sees Roy Scheider utter: "We need a bigger boat"? ANSWER

Who made a cameo in all three of these films: Pet Sematary, Creepshow and The Langoliers?

What nickname did Spencer Tracy give to Humphrey Bogart? A:

What 1995 blockbuster movie was created by the computer animation company Pixar? ANSWER:

Whose earnings increased from $150,000 for Pulp Fiction to $3.5 million for Get Shorty to $7 million for Broken Arrow?

What 1991 Disney animated feature was hyped as "the most beautiful love story ever told"? A:

Where was Al Pacino born? ANSWER :

What Michelle Pfeiffer movie got a boost from the Coolio song Gangsta's Paradise? A:

Quote from what movie: "There's no crying in baseball!" ANSWER

What movie gave Julie Andrews the chance to portray a man? ANSWER:

What Michael Douglas movie was hyped: "A brutal murder. A brilliant killer. A cop who couldn't resist the danger"? A:

What American actor has appeared in the most movies? A:

What toy does Tim Robbins character invent in- The Hudsucker Proxy? ANSWER:

What screen character is the world's fastest ice sculptor and topiary artist? A:

What was the first Arnold Schwarzenegger movie to win four Academy Awards? A:

What Sylvester Stallone movie was hyped: "His whole life was a million-to-one shot"? A:

What 1996 movie was hyped with the line: "It Will Blow Audiences Right Out of the Theater"?

What 1982 movie had critic Janet Maslin carp: "The Oscar seemed to have been mistaken for the Nobel Peace Prize"?A:

What 1994 movie hit featured cameos by JFK, LBJ and George Wallace? A:

What actress was accidentally shot in her apartment in 1990 while living with Charlie Sheen? A:

What actor/actress has won the most Oscars? A:

What movie did Mel Brooks say he wishes he'd never made, as he then became overly concerned with filling theater seats?

Broken Lizard's foray into slasher films came after the release of "Super Troopers". What was the name of their 2004 film?

What sci-fi thriller set attendance records during the Fourth of July weekend in 1996? A:

Name the actor who appeared in all of the following films: Entrapment, Mission Impossible and Striptease. ANSWER:

Name the actor who appeared in all the following films: Young Guns2, Heathers and Robin Hood Prince of Thieves A:

What movie has Bob Hoskins seething: "A toon killed my brother"? ANSWER:

What movie involves a newspaper reporter, the letter "S" and Perry White? ANSWER:

What movie made the word "babelicious" famous? A:

What movie's first victim was played by a skinny-dipping actress named Susan Backlinie?

"If Nancy doesn't wake up screaming she won't wake up at all." Name that movie: ANSWER:

Quote from what movie? "The Name in Laughter From the Hearafter." ANSWER:

What was Al Pacino's first movie? ANSWER:

What statuesque actress earned a living by standing still in department store windows prior to her film debut in Tootsie?

Who is the most successful actor at the box office? A:

What movie earned Tom Hanks his third straight Oscar nomination, in 1996? A:

In the first Rocky film, who won the final fight scene? ANSWER:

What film series, originally helmed by the Wayans Brothers, uses the title Wes Craven initially wanted for his slasher film, "Scream"?

What one city must a movie play in to be eligible for an Oscar?

At 37, Jack Nickolson discovered that the his sister was actually his mother. Fact or Fiction ANSWER:

What actor made the most money in one movie as of 2010? A:

3 different endings were shot for this film, with one shown in each theater at random. ANSWER:

Who's been praised for doing everything Fred Astaire did "backward and in high heel"? A:

What movie sees Tom Hanks utter: "All my life I've been waiting for someone, and when I find her she's a fish"?

Where is American Pie character Matt Stiffler from?

What Clint Eastwood screen role was originally offered to Jjohn Wayne, Frank Sinatra and Paul Newman?

As of 2010 according to Celebrity Worth how much money is Tom Hanks Worth? ANSWER

According to what actor had the most on screen deaths?

Which was not directed by Tim Burton: Bettlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Batman Returns A:

One ad for this film read, "There's no such thing as free cable." ANSWER:

What movie has Anjelica Huston coo to Raul Julia: "You frightened me. Do it again"?

Name the movie soundtrack thet includes "Can't Buy Me Love" and "She Loves You" ANSWER:

Name the last black and white film to win an Oscar for best picture. ANSWER:

What blond sex symbol of the 1990s claims to have an IQ of 154?A:

What screen character has played opposite Maud Adams, Claudine Anger, Kim Basinger, Britt Eklund and Ursula Andress?

What movie sees Elvis Presley sent to the slammer for manslaughter? A:

Quote from what movie: "It's not the years, honey. It's the mileage."ANSWER

Who directed Carlito's Way? ANSWER

In 2004, the cast and crew of the TV show "Spaced" (for the most part) released what British horror/zombie film?

What movie involves Gorgonites, commando elite nad Alan Abernathy? ANSWER:

One ad for this film read, "Yesterday they were Businessmen. Today They're cowboys. Tomorrow they'll be walking funny." A:

Who is the most Oscar-nominated male actor? A:

Whose will left $10,000 for care and upkeep of the dummy Charlie McCarthy? A:

What Pulp Fiction star once served as Bill Cosby's stand-in on The Cosby Show? ANSWER:

Quote from what movie: "Have fun storming the castle!" ANSWER

Who played Sid Vicious, Lee Harvey Oswald, Count Dracula and Beethoven in movies? A:

What movie classic has James Stewart sigh: "I suppose it'd been better if I'd never been born at all"? A:

What movie involves Iowa, a mound and Ray Kinsella? ANSWER:

What movie has Anthony Perkins explain: "Understand, I don't hate her. I hate what she's become. I hate her illness"?

Who was the first female to direct a movie that raked in over $100 million? ANSWER:

Starring Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver, and Dan Aykroyd, what film brought the phrase "I've been slimed" into existence?

In 1977 one ad for this film read, "We are not alone." ANSWER:

What movie involves suicide, television and Max Schumacher? A:

What movie involves statues, brown M&Ms and Steve Edison? ANSWER:

What supporting actor was nominated for a golden globe for his performance in Rob Roy. ANSWER

What Adam Sandler comedy featured Bob Barker's screen debut? ANSWER

What was the 1993 sequel to the 1979 thriller When a Stranger Calls? A:

Who shared a room and bed with Eli Wallach while filming The Good, the Bad and the Ugly? ANSWER:

What John Hughes movie was hyped as "A family comedy without the family"?

What was the first movie to gross more than $1 billion at the box office?

Name the sequel to the movie Ghostbusters.

Name the actor in all 3 films. Platoon, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and Sleepy Hollow. ANSWER

Who sang the title song for the 1980s film 9 to 5?

What actor played the title role of Kelly in Kellys Heros? ANSWER

What last-minute replacement subbed for Winona Ryder as Mary Corleone in The Godfather III? ANSWER

What Spike Jonze movie was originally slated to end with a rendition of the song Put Your Hand Inside the Puppethead?

One ad for this movie read, "The fastest hands in the east meets the biggest mouth in the west."

What movie involves a chained tiger, toy soldiers and Maximus Decimus Meridius?

Who was the military pilot hero in Independence Day?

What Tommy Lee Jones film did TV Guide hail as "Ghostbusters meets The X-Files"?

What Actor appeared in all these movies. Young Guns2, Heathers and Robin Hood?

Who is the actress that debuted in the film The Profesional.

What film suspended production for a year so Tom Hanks could let his hair grow and lose 50 pounds?

What Oscar-winning western did Clint Eastwood dedicate to directors Sergio Leone and Don Seigel?

Who was the star of The Cowboys?

What was the original name of the heroine in Romeo and Juliet, according to the movie Shakespeare in Love?

What 1990 film had the working title $3000, the going rate for a high-class "escort"?

What dashing leading man was in Father Goose?

What director cast himself as a talk-show guest in two of his projects, Dave and Wild Palms?

What child star of The Professional was discovered by a Revlon agent in a New York pizza parlor?

One ad for this film read, "You won't know the facts till you've seen the fiction."

What actor played the character Hans Solo in 3 movies?

What Richard Linklater film about stoners was hyped as " A movie for everybody who id inhale"?

Which movie soundtrack did not feature a Elton John song? The Lion King, Almost Famous or Forrest Gump?

Who played Murphy Brown's son Avery before appearing in The Sixth Sense?

A tagline for this film read, "This FBI agent is going under cover and he's concealing more than a weapon."

Name 3 movies Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan have stared in together.

Who starred with Doris Day in Teachers Pet?

What sequel hired Linda Hamilton's twin sister Leslie for scenes requiring two of Linda's character?

What real Seattle band was featured as the rockers Citizen Dick in Cameron Crowe's film singles?

What Ang Lee movie showed what Christina Ricci looked like wearing a Richard Nixon mask?

Name the actress romanticly linked to Emilio Estevez, Johnny Depp, and Brad Pitt.

Who became Frances Bean Cobain's godmother the same year she headlined in the film Poison Ivy?

Name the movie from this quote, "If I am not me, then who the hell am I"?

Which actress appeared in all of the following films: Hook, Se7en, and Shakespear in Love?

What film did director James Cameron often refer to as his "$190 million chick flick"?

What actress appeared in E.T., Batman Forever and Bad Girls?

What Arnold Schwarzenegger blockbuster boasts a three-breasted stripper on Mars?

one tagline for this film read "never let her out of your site. Never let your guard down.Never fall in love."

One ad for this film read, "Have you ever had a really big secret?"

What Will Smith film was hyped: "Protecting the Earth from the Scum of the Universe"?

Who won the Best Screenplay Oscar in 1997 for a movie he also starred in and directed?

What movie involves fried shimp, ping pong and Benjamin "Bubba Bufford-Blue?

Who landed roles in Hairspray and Airplane II: The Sequel before winning a seat in the U.S. Congress?

What movie has Billy Crystal say of tough guy Jack Palance; "Did you see how leathery he was?

What actor won an Oscar for a character named Rooster Cogburn?

Name the actor that appeared in all of the following films: As Good as it Gets, Pearl Harbor and Rat Race.

Who ran Saturday night bingo games in Flint, Michigan t finance his film Roger & Me?

What actor played the oldest brother in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers?

One tagline from this movie stated, "Huston, we have a problem."

A tagline for this film read, "Expect the unexpected." ANSWER

What movie involves a Porshe, Princeton and Guido "the killer pimp?"

Witch film did Jack Nicholson win his first Oscar?

Who apeared in all the following films? A Few Good Men, The Lost Boys, Young Guns.